Wedding and holiday

Yes. Those two somewhat goes hand in hand, generally. But in this case it’s not.

I never stop feeling guilty because Darling and I scheduled our short holiday on the same weekend my niece got married. The main and only reason was that I thought that my niece’s wedding would be in December, as initially planned.

Anyway, the damage is done. My niece is happily married and I enjoyed the short holiday. Hehe.. okay. I made it up.  I went to the berkampung session during Deepavali and helped to prepare the door gift and such. And apologized to my cousin for not being able to attend the wonderful day. So everyone is clear and happy.

About the holiday. It was really cool and wonderful. Both Ryn and Lyn truly enjoyed it. We had fun at the Snow City, Science Center and the Eye of Singapore. Not to mention Legoland (where both Ryn and Lyn were estactic about the whole thing) and  the JPO, of course.. hehehehehe.. all in all, it’s just lovely.

I would visit Legoland again after the waterpark is completed and opened. And I am considering of buying annual pass.



P/S: We postpone our USS visit until Lyn gets to enjoy it too….



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